Do you have to be black to be an “African American”?

I guess from an “American viewpoint” you could say you are African American. However being a Black African American myself, I think the whole notion of labeling “African American, Mexican American, Chinese American” and so on is racist in itself. America is all about “What race are you?” We are a race-obsessed society, I believe other countries (even though they also suffer racism) are more Nationalistic. If you were born in Mexico then you would be Mexican, not African Mexican or Chinese Mexican.

Here in America if you are not a white person born here then you cannot simply say you are “American”, you have to include your race. Only White’s born here seem to be the one’s allowed to say they are “American”. They never say “I’m Caucasian American”. Even the original peoples of this country are downgraded from “American” status and are now known as

“Native Americans”.

Here’s an interesting bit of information…

Many “African Americans” are mixed with Caucasian, Asian, Mexican, Native American and so many other things. Why are we still called African Americans? Because of the “one drop rule” that apparently still applies in most of America’s eyes. See the link below.

In reality the concept of race is a man-made social construct. We are all one race (there is no gene to determine race).


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