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How did the booming economy lead to social changes in american life-stock prices rose
-jobs were plentiful
-more goods then ever
-new modern era (cities vs. rural)
The economic prosperity of the early 1920’s was the result of four key signs. What were these indicators?-production, wages, working conditions, daily life
What was the one single business that had the most to do with economic growth? how is it that mass production led to greater affordability of automobiles-Automobile industry
-assembly lines led to lower prices which allowed more people to buy them causing a greater demand
how can it be argued that Henry Ford was an innovator when it came to bucking the trend of corporate greed?treated his workers better by doubling their wages, reducing hours and giving them paid vacations and weekends offWhat was Fords reasoning for giving his employees the weekend off?They would become not only his employees but his costumersWhat other industries were positively affected by the automobile industry?steel, rubber, asphalt, wood, gasoline, insurance, glass, tourismHow did the automobile affect the psychological state of Americans?gave people more freedom
they traveled more
How did the consumer revolution affect society?couldnt have happened with out prospering economy
disposable income(left over money to spend or save)
How is the idea of consumer consumption of the 1920’s similar to today when it comes to advertisements?-made to appeal to peoples desires
-companies focused of hope and fear of Americans
How did buying on the margin allow for ordinary people to invest in the stock market?rising stock allowed the investors to pay off loan and still make profitWhy is it during the 1920’s more and more people moved outside of city boundaries–into what is called the suburbs?-new innovations such as the automobile allowed people to travel to city when necessary
-suburbs drained resources from city
Why did farmers and people living in rural areas not fair so well during the 1920’s-farm income declined
-people living in country did not participate in consumer benefits and economic gain
-many farmers suffered from growing dept and falling farm prices
How did the 1920’s presidents, Harding and Coolidge differ from Progressive presidents, like Roosevelt and Wilson?they used laissez faire businessWhat new Harding policies favored big business?-disliked new income tax
-favored low taxes on individuals and corporations
-increased tariffs on imported goods
Who is Andrew Mellon?Secretary of treasury
-policies which supported legislation that advanced business interests
How did Hardings personality render him incompetent?harding trusted friends to make complex decisions for him
he wasnt intelligent
began the Ohio Gang which was a group of friends who took advantage of their positions in gov. (excepted bribes and extorted money)
What were the cause and effects of the teapot Dome scandal?transferring oul from Navy Dept. to interior dept.
-Albert Fall(sec of interior) released properties to private oil men
-he was sentenced to prison and oil reserves were returned to gov.
What policies did Coolidge favor to support economic growth?-placed trust in his business
-lowered taxes, reduced federal budget and saw enormous groth
How did the US support worl peace during the 1920’s-limited construction of large warships, made foreign policies
Discuss why Britain and France owed so much money to the US after WWI-war depts
-US loaned them money
How did the war dept issue create world tensions? how did this issue damage Americas reputation-US DEMANDED MONEY BACK FROM FRANCE AND BRITAINwhat was it about WWI that helped rationalize the idea of prohibition?-many countries were “dry” and it was unpatriotic to use corn to make alcohol when soldiers were over seas needing bread
-18th amendment: Volstead Act
The establishment of the 18th amendment had an adverse affect on society? How did the 18th Amendment help spur crime?the 18th forbade the manufacture, distribution, and sale of alcohol in the US
-people want what they cant have causing more crime
-speakeasies and bootleggers came about
How did drinking and selling alcohol lead to other areas of crime?-prostitution, drugs, robbery, murder, bribery, gambling,How did the new mass culture reflect new technology?radio, cars, modern appliances greatly affected how people viewed the world
-vacations, movies, suburbs
How was city life different than life on farms–when it came to leisure time and how time was spent?-on farms people worked from morning to night with little time to themselves
-rural life: people had time to play games, read or sing, more time off and money to spend
Why was there such a growth in the movie industry during the1920s?-people had more money to spend, and were seeking new sources of entertainmentWho was Charlie Chaplin?silent film comedianHow did the radio change American culture?-helped standardize american culture (same music, dances, weather, news dances, sports, everyone hears the same thing)Why do historians call the 1920’s the age of heroes?Golden age of sports: Babe Ruth
-people became more familiar with celebrities due to increased newpapers and radio
what aspects of society contributed to this new sensations of hero worships?WWI shattered dreams of making progress
-more leisure time
who was the “modest man from the midwest” and how did he become so famousCharles Linbergh- “Dare devil” took off in Spirit of St. Louis, 1st solo and non-stop flight across atlantic over 33 hoursWhat was the biggest difference before and after the 1920’s (concerning women)before women were expected to center lives around home and family but after became more liberated and outspoken
What is the social evidence that women were more independent?-they had just won the right to vote and began fighting for themselves
How did Sigmund Freud contribute to the new ways of thinking in the 1920’s?-argued that human behavior is driven not by rational though but by desiresHow did the “lost generation” feel about the mood of the 1920’s? who were those involved with the Lost Generation?-generation no longer had faith in “cultural guideposts” of Victorian era
-2 writers: F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hemingway(put off by materialism)
What is the Great migration and why did it occur?AFRICAN AMERICANS MOVING: push/pull
-pushed africans out
-pulled because of better life and jobs
What sociological factors led to a growing African American middle class?BEcause African Americans were becoming successful–> “black pride”What was the economic reality for many African Americans who migrated North-Many were forced to live in the worst housing and acquired the lowest paying jobsWhat was the biggest philosophical difference between the two black leaders, Garvey and WEB Dubois?-Garvey: “everywhere blacks are exploited”, universal negro improvement association
-WEB: calling for blacks and whites to work together
Why did Garvey’s movement, “back to africa” not work?he was arrested for mail fraud(channeling money for associations turned into taking their money)Why is Jazz called a “truly indigenous American musical form”created by combo of different music forms: Blues, ragtime, popular musics
How did Jazz reflect (or represent) 1920’s culture?dept and richness of African American Culture and freedom
-played in speakeasies, sound of illegal activity
How did jazz help bridge races together?Jazz musicians were integrated
-black musicians and white audiences
What social factors contributed to the making of the Harlem Renaissance?-great migration
-rising African American middle class(freedom)
WHat did the term “New Negro” represent?No longer blacks would just stand by, they began sticking up for themselves
-proud of being black
How did Claude McKay differ from Langston Hughes when it came to their writing styles?-McKay: was more militant and showed blacks struggling for dignity against discrimination
-Hughes: most powerful, force was not politics it was celebration, respectful and moderate
How and when did the Harlem Renaissance end?Financial Collapse

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