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theGRIO REPORT – British photographer John Ferguson and filmmaker Gregg MacDonald explore the untold history of African-American cowboys in the documentary ‘The Forgotten Cowboys’…

theGRIO REPORT – ‘Coal Blooded: Putting Profits Before People’ addresses the issue of coal-fired power plant pollution and its disproportionate impact on communities of color…

OPINION – These thought leaders offer interesting and at times surprising perspectives on what it means to have not only a black man, but also a biracial man, in the White House…

SLIDESHOW – Comprised of rich colors, fun prints, and traditional American cuts, the first family’s style has undergone an evolution demonstrative of their growth as a tight-knit unit…

theGRIO REPORT – If you see or experience voter intimidation, problems at the polls, or issues involving Voter ID, theGrio wants to know!…

Images of black women showing their support for President Barack Obama have begun to flood the social network’s stream.

The political pundit recently discussed the topic with two black reverends on his show “TheO’ Reilly Factor.”

Flooding and reports of electricity losses have dominated coverage of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath, but communities with elderly residents have recently added another dimension to the narrative.

The photograph features a smiling Leakes raising a glass of champagne, while sitting pretty in a bathtub filled with diamonds.

Tattoo artist Imani K. Brown recently took some time out of her packed scheduled to share her thoughts on tattooing dark skin, succeeding as a Black female artist, advising the public on the dangers of “scratchers,” and the popular tattoo request that she actually hates.

To promote awareness of breast cancer in her community, Rochelle Mosley, owner of Harlem’s Salon 804, created her own pink-themed campaign. But for the hair salon owner, rather than just promoting any product, her awareness item involved dressing her client’s tresses — with pink.

According to studies, black immigrants and the American children of black immigrants are enrolling at colleges and university, at an exponentially higher rate than non-immigrant black American applicants.

Between a birthday party for a southern king and the BET Hip Hop Awards show, black celebrities had a great deal to celebrate this past weekend.

theGRIO REPORT – A recent article published by Environmental Health News showed that advisories warning against fish contamination have failed to adequately reach communities of color, who often fish in polluted waterways to survive… recently published a retrospective photo gallery to demonstrate the history of racism in fashion.

theGRIO REPORT – New York police arrested suspect Freddie McGrier in the deadly shooting of 28-year-old Lamin Sillah, a recent Gambian transplant who put himself through school and sent money to his wife and family back home by working as a gas station attendant in the Bronx…

A recent report published on reveals that women of color, regardless of class, are disproportionately affected by critical health issues affecting U.S. women.


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