American Girl Dolls for Girls

If you need toys for girls, American Girl has you covered—we carry dolls for girls of all ages!

Our 18 inch dolls

for girls 8 and up include our


line of historical characters, plus plenty of contemporary dolls that will spark her imagination. Looking for a

boy doll

? Look no further—Logan Everett is the bandmate and drummer of our contemporary character, singer-songwriter Tenney Grant, and is our first 18 inch boy doll! If you’re looking for girl toys for ages 5 to 7, our

Wellie Wishers

line will make her face light up. For littler ones, our adorable Bitty Baby line provides sweet, cuddly

baby dolls for girls

who like to nurture.

Our dolls come with a full line of fun, detailed clothing, from sparkly special-occasion outfits to kicky weekend casual. We have girls’ clothing, too, including matching sets so girls can dress like their dolls! And all our doll lines come with a wide array of beautifully designed furniture and accessories, from beds to kitchens to earrings and hairstyling items.

Need more gift ideas? Adventure-lovers will adore the books and movies inspired by our characters. For great offers, don’t miss the sale section on our website, request a free American Girl catalog, and sign up for our emails to get the latest deals.


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