20 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World | Dusky Girls

Paskelbta 2016-07-13

20 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World | Dusky Girls :

Dusky complexion makes a woman look real, achievable and sensuous without looking unattainable and plastic. A dark looking women looks earthly and identifiable rather than ethereal or angelic, they have an aura of exoticness.

It’s nice to see a more diverse group of women get shine in the media these days, and by diverse, I do mean women of color, but more specifically, the shades of black women we get to see on TV and in magazines. And not only are these women beautiful, but they are confident, and provide young girls with words of encouragement to embrace the skin they’re in. Here are 20 Most beautiful hot cute black women girls around the world who might be less famous but still very attractive.
List :

1. Damaris Lewis

2. Arlenis Sosa Peña
3. Adaora Akubilo
4. Veronique Boubane
5. Tomiko Fraser Hines
6. Rissikat Bade
7. Chavoy Gordon
8. Geidy Mena Cuesta
9. Leila Lopes
10. Kiara Kabukuru
11. Kenisha Thom
12. Philomena Kwao
13. Lydia Marsha
14. Joelle Kayembe
15. Grace Sarfo Kantanka
16. Marssha Mosi
17. Fatima Siad
18. Anastagia pierre
19. Kenia Martinez
20. Isabel Correia

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