New black Barbie with cornrows has the internet confused and upset

Mattel has come under fire from furious social media users after debuting a new black Barbie, with people passionately criticizing the doll’s hairstyle, labeling it ‘ratchet’ and ‘unacceptable’.

The controversial new Barbie made her debut on the doll’s official Instagram account earlier this month, featuring in an image alongside two other dolls, which was posted to promote Hulu’s recently-released documentary Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie.

In the picture, the three dolls are all seen sitting around a laptop wearing different outfits, and showcasing different hairstyles – however it was the black Barbie’s ‘do that prompted frustration and anger from followers, who were quick to share their disappointment at how the doll had been styled.

New Barbies: Mattel released a new black Barbie that has cornrows on one side of her head while the other half is blonde hair and people are seriously offended

Hairstyle: The official Barbie Instagram account posted a photo of three different dolls – one black and two white and people were offended by this Barbie’s new hairstyle

Explain: This user was extremely offended and said she’s going to need some answers as to who approved this look before releasing it

The photo was posted to Instagram with the caption: ‘Movie night with my girls to watch the Hulu premiere of the new Barbie documentary, Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie!’

From the moment the picture was posted people were outraged when they saw the hairstyle and they flooded the comments section.

‘Who in the HELL did black Barbie’s hair like this? Does anyone black work there?’ one woman asked while another joked, ‘Why is the Barbie for sale without her WEAVE DONE?!’

‘Corn rows and a ratchet blonde weave. Why y’all playing in black Barbie’s face? Sis looks like her hair girl had an emergency and had to go,’ another woman joked.

‘Hi umm… I’m gonna need an explanation pertaining to the black Barbie’s hair. Like this is unacceptable. What is this. Who did this. Why. Who approved this. What were they drinking. Thanks in advance,’ another very annoyed user commented.

‘Sooo somebody forgot to finish the rest of black barbies hair or…,’ one very puzzled person questioned while another person wrote: ‘This is a real Barbie. She got black cornrow undercut with a blonde weave. I’m speechless.’

‘Look like her hairdresser was putting weave in and didn’t finish,’ joked one user while another hysterically wrote, ‘Mattel been watching Love and Hip Hop.’

‘Her hairdresser got tired and told her “to come back tomorrow so she can finish it,”‘ another woman hilariously joked while another said, ‘Sis looks like she’s 75 per cent done sewing in her tracks.’

Jokes: While many people were super offended by the hairdo others joked about it like this user

Emergency: Another woman joked that it looks like Barbie’s hairdresser had an emergency and had to leave midway through the hair styling

Simple: One user asked the question of why they couldn’t give Barbie a simple hairstyle

Inquiry: This woman said she would like to speak to someone in charge of Barbie about this new look

While most people took to Twitter to joke that the new Barbie’s hairdo looked unfinished, others were very upset that they were being portrayed this way.

‘What the f**k is going on at Mattel?’ one man asked while one woman wrote, ‘They just couldn’t give us a simple bob?’

‘I’m just curious who was in the room when this was approved,’ asked a very annoyed woman while someone else shared, ‘This is pissing me off. Thank God Toys R Us is closing down.’

Despite the fact that tons of people were livid over the new Barbie, there were a lot of people who were totally fine with it and didn’t actually think it was a big deal at all.

‘I know like five girls with this hairstyle,’ one man confessed while another admitted: ‘I have seen plenty women of color with their hair similar to this. Y’all wanted representation, there y’all go!’

Confused: This woman questioned the hair color and style choice for the new doll

Embarrassing: One user shared how upset and offended she is by the hairstyle

Love it: This user shared that they actually love the hairstyle and doesn’t understand why others are hating on it

One man hilariously commented: ‘I’ve seen that. Y’all know that’s real! Barbie has a sista on staff and keeping it 100 LOL LOL LOL.’

‘I don’t see what the issue is, y’all say y’all want inclusion but want the Black dolls to have hair like the white ones? Black girls have different hair Barbie is embracing that, why can’t you?’ one woman wrote as she tried to mediate the situation.

Another woman didn’t seem to understand why people were hating on the hair and she wrote: ‘Y’all hating on that black Barbie but her hair is bomb.’

Meanwhile, a few people were seriously upset as one confused woman wrote: ‘I don’t know if I should feel mad, sad or okay with this. This has me feeling every emotion.’

‘I’m offended by that look,’ another woman posted while another upset woman commented: ‘Lol Barbie… this is actually just embarrassing. Like they wanted to fit every black hair style on one head.

‘The cornrows, the dyed weave, body wave bundles. Why? Why? Why? Just ask any black person and they will tell you, that you don’t do this anywhere. ANYWHERE.’


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